Mamma Of A Disappointment

Mamma Mia-loving homos experienced a bit of heartbreak this weekend. Lead actress Amanda Seyfried and cast mate Dominic Cooper were meant to appear at lavender-tinged film festival Outfest, but the duo’s management pulled the plug right before their alleged red carpet responsibilities.

…At the last minute, Outfest’s p.r. man, Carl Larsen, received an e-mail: “Due to unforeseen circumstances, the red-carpet arrivals…have been canceled.” Larsen said, “I was taken by surprise. There was no explanation.”

Another observer fumed, “Outrageous! How can [Seyfried] diss the gays like that? This is our movie!” A rep for Universal said, “This was never a red-carpet event. She volunteered to come and introduce the movie and did a great job. There was never a red carpet for her to walk.”

God, don’t you just love the “fuming” flamer? Outrageous, indeed!