Man Alleges His Male Lover Beat Him “For Being Gay”

Screen shot 2015-02-27 at 11.42.33 AMSomeone call Jerry Springer.

Two men from the town of (irony alert) Romeoville, IL allegedly had a lover’s quarrel at a Days Inn motel in the city of Joliet, IL and now one of them is suing the other.

40-year-old Robert Owcarz says his ex-boyfriend, 30-year-old Philip Thorman, stole thousands of dollars from him then hit him for being gay.

According to court records, it all started back in November 2013 when Thorman was thrown in jail for heroin possession. Four months later, Owcarz paid $3,000 to bond his lover out, then gave Thorman an additional $1,170.40 to pay for a three week stay at the Days Inn.

Evidently, though, after Thorman was released from jail, his relationship with Owcarz soured. Because when Owcars went to the motel demanding his $4,570.40 back, he says Thorman flew into a rage.

Thorman “physically struck Owcarz during a disagreement,” the lawsuit claims. “Owcarz was harmed harmed physically and emotionally by Thorman’s unlawful and unpermitted contact.”

The reason for the attack?

“Battery committed by Thorman on Owcarz was motivated by Owcarz’s gender, male, and sexual orientation, homosexual,” the lawsuit alleges.

Say what? The boyfriend hit his boyfriend for being gay?

When asked to explain his exact relationship with Thorman, Owcarz described it as “more than a fling.”

“The guy is a swinger,” Owcarz said of Thorman. “He’s bisexual! He’s a Mormon! And he’s got money!”

It seems like there has to be more to this story. We’re waiting for the other shoe to drop.

h/t: Patch