Man Arrested After Threat To Turn Puerto Rico Gay Celebration Into Another Boston Marathon-like Bombing

Pedro Julio SerranoJoseph Morales Serrano has been arrested in Puerto Rico by the FBI after making a threat on Twitter to Pedro Julio Serrano (pictured), a well-known gay rights activist, drawing an analogy to April’s Boston marathon bombing. The two men aren’t related.

According to a statement released by the FBI, Morales acknowledged he posted a Twitter message in Spanish that included the words “watch out during the demonstration, it can end like in Boston,” an apparent reference to the April 15 bombings that killed three people and injured more than 250 others.

“He looked at me as a target because of my activism. It was not personal,” the intended victim told police. The suspect is scheduled to appear before a judge today. The charge carries up to five years in prison.

Photo: MySpace