Man Arrested After Attacking Boyfriend With Raman Noodles


A Florida man was arrested after throwing a cup of Raman noodles at his boyfriend during a lovers’ quarrel.

The incident happened at 12:30 AM last Friday inside the couple’s Pinellas Park home. According to an arrest affidavit, 40-year-old Michael Herrick and his boyfriend of one year “got into a verbal argument at their residence in regards to questions of infidelity.”

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Things came to a head when Herrick threw a steaming hot cup of ramen noodles at his boyfriend. The noodles hit him in the “right neck area.” Police were promptly called.

After talking to both men, the cops ultimately concluded that Herrick was the incident’s “primary aggressor” and arrested him for domestic battery. He was booked into jail on a misdemeanor count and released from custody Sunday afternoon.

But this isn’t the first time Herrick has been in trouble with the law. The 6’7, 200-pound ex-con’s rap sheet also includes prior convictions for grand theft, writing bad checks, and violating probation.

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h/t: The Smoking Gun