Man Arrested For New Year’s Stabbing Possible Gay-Bashing Victim

luke o'donovanAn Atlanta man arrested for a stabbing on New Year’s Eve may have been defending himself against a homophobic assault.
Luke O’Donovan was charged aggravated assault for stabbing Andrew Mainor during a purported argument at a New Year’s Eve party. Other s tried to stop O’Donovan, 19, but he stabbed them as well. Five partygoers were hurt in all, including one listed in critical-but-stable condition after undergoing surgery. (O’Donovan suffered a cut on his lower back.)

But some attendees are saying O’Donovan was actually ambushed, because he had been seen making out with other guys. A statement on the site LetLukeGo claims he was acting in self-defense:

Several witnesses have reported watching between 5 and 12 men mobbing up on Luke and stomping on his head and body with the intent to kill him. The people who were stabbed during the conflict were not attempting to end the fight with Luke. The altercation was never limited to Luke and one other person, but involved several people mobbing up on him.

The motivations of the attack on Luke seem to originate in the fact that he had been seen dancing with and kissing other men earlier at the party. Luke was repeatedly insulted with homophobic slurs throughout the night. The men who attacked Luke are known to have exhibited homophobic language and behavior in the past. Luke was called a faggot during the fight. This provides clear evidence that the attack on Luke was in some way motivated by homophobia and perpetrated by multiple men while Luke was alone.

Police told East Atlanta Patch that they were looking into the allegations, and that the department’s LGBT liaison was involved. “We have received information that the incident was possibly preceded by a gay slur directed towards the arrestee,” said a spokesman for the Atlanta Police Department. “We are not sure if the information is credible, but are investigating the incident and will pursue this and any other leads.”