Man Arrested On Christmas After Threatening To Kill Sister If She Turns His Daughter Gay

dysfunctional-family-xmas‘Tis the season to be batshit crazy. One Gordon Bissonnette of Plainville, Connecticut put the Grinch to shame with threats to “destroy” his lesbian sister’s Christmas and kill her and her wife if they “turn my daughter gay.”

Bissonnette left eight threatening voicemails in the middle of December denouncing his sister Corinne’s sexual orientation, reports the New Britain Herald. Their brother, Brian, played the voicemails for police on Christmas day. A family affair till the end, Gordon was arrested that same day after he was reported by his mother, Clelie.

“If she [expletive] with my child again, I will execute her myself. Corinne, if she goes against me, there will be bullets flying. She cannot talk to me. I wanna execute her. I will kill a gay,” Gordon said in a voicemail. “I’ll put a bullet in both their heads. If they turn my daughter gay, I’m gonna kill them both. I’m gonna blow their brains out.”

According to the police report, Gordon made several references to “destroying” Corinne and her wife and also asked Brian to help him ruin their Christmas, noting that he and Corinne were “at war.”

Gordon admitted to leaving the voicemails, but claims he was too drunk to remember exactly what he had said. He did tell police, however, that he planned to disrupt his sister and her wife’s Christmas by throwing a smoke bomb at their house so they would think it was gun fire and subsequently “freak out.”

Bissonnette is charged with second-degree intimidation due to a bias, second-degree threatening and second-degree harassment and is currently being held in custody with a bond of $75,000. His family also issued four protective orders against him — his mother, brother, sister and her wife. He’s expected to appear in court January 24, by which point his heart will have failed to grow two sizes larger.

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  • AuntieChrist

    Isn’t it called a te**orist threat if someone does that..? Or is that only a state law…I was under the impression that it was a crime to do so and that one would be incarcerated…Seems like a lot of people are getting away with that crap theses days.

  • june85

    you forget he’s not an arab or muslim, he can’t be a terrorist

  • 2eo

    @june85: Spot on, it isn’t fascism if christians do it after all jesus was white and owned an assault rifle.

  • AuntieChrist

    @june85: “Terrorizing” generally means to cause alarm, fright, or dread in another person or inducing apprehension of violence from a hostile or threatening event, person or object…I had a friend in California who threatened to kill someone and they were arrested and thrown in jail…That person got two years in prison and 4 years on parole…

  • the other Greg

    @AuntieChrist: Both the article and the link say he’s incarcerated, with bail set at $75,000 (probably well out of reach for him).

  • rickhfx

    The definition is that what he did is a te**orist threat, but the law has yet to protect gays against these te**orist threat and call hem what they truly are. Str8 people, I will never understand them.

  • CaptainFabulous

    I wonder how he’s gonna react when his cellmate turns him gay?

  • LubbockGayMale

    Wait til he claims ‘Jeezus told me to do it’ at trial!

  • AmberMakitos

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