Man attacks Beyoncé’s choreographer with homophobic slurs, tragic striptease

Choreographer Jonte’ Moaning, best known for designing routines for Beyoncé and Janet Jackson, became the target of homophobic harassment this week. A man began shouting racist and homophobic slurs at Moaning before inexplicably performing a striptease.

Moaning posted the video to the social media platform TikTok, only for the service to take it down shortly thereafter. That didn’t stop the video from going viral across other platforms including Twitter.

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The footage in question shows Moaning and his friends in a New York City restaurant where a man begins shouting “f*ggot” and “n*gger” at the group, along with several other explicative and incoherent remarks. He then pulls off his tank top, as if to prepare for a fight.

The bizarre actions of the attacker have prompted observers on Twitter to question his true motives.

“Why would you take your shirt off while simultaneously saying hate-filled homophobic words?” wondered user @fomalicious.