Man Blackmails Doctor Over “Gay Massage”

This massage doesn’t have a happy ending.

A Ghanaian immigrant in England filed criminal charges against his South London doctor after the medic allegedly molested him during a massage. The man couldn’t have been too upset, though, because he used the abuse to make a buck:

The Ghanaian patient, who can’t be named, fell into a trance as Dr Lewis Dickinson, 53, gave him a massage at his practice in Camberwell.

But when he came to he found the doctor holding a massaging machine in one hand and the patient’s private parts in the other, the hearing was told.

Anxious not to endanger his immigration status, Patient A made another appointment instead of going to the police.

He recorded his next visit to the GP, when Dickinson mentioned something in relation to the alleged assault. Patient A confronted the doctor with his evidence, and he agreed to pay the patient – who was HIV positive – £100 a week for the rest of his life to keep him quiet, the hearing was told.

When the doctor stopped paying two and a half years later, the patient pressed charges. But the case against the doctor was thrown out because of a lack of evidence and Patient A was hauled to court to face blackmail charges.

Unfortunately for Dickinson, he still faces professional review for this sticky situation.