Man caught on tape spewing homophobic abuse at couple trying to locate owners of lost dog

Video of a man shouting homophobic abuse at a lesbian couple on the street in Portland, Oregon has been making the rounds on social media.

It all started when Trudy Dragoon and her wife, Wendy, found a lost dog and went door-to-door looking for its owner. How exactly things escalated is unclear, but what happened next is truly horrific.

“You look like a f*cking man, let’s go,” the unidentified man says in the video, raising his fists as if preparing to fight. “Act like a f*cking man, get hit like one, c*nt. Gay pride ass b*tch!”

He continues, “Come on, come on, you’re a f*cking woman. I’d f*cking knock you on your fat ass, you fat cow.”

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When Trudy responds by saying, “You think that you scare me?” the man replies: “You think you scare me, you’re a f*cking woman!”

The three-minute video was captured by Wendy and later shared to Trudy’s Facebook page, where it has garnered over 60,000 views in less than 48 hours.

Trudy later tells the man: “You’re so scared right now, you’re shaking.”

To which the man responds: “Oh, I’m so scared of a f*cking lesbian? I’m so scared… I should be so embarrassed of a f*cking lesbian on my property? Look at you, you f*cking embarrass America!”

The video ends once a police officer arrives at the scene.

Speaking to her local news station, Wendy says the officer refused to get involved, instead telling the women: “Not until he actually physically assaults you, there’s nothing that can be done.”

In the video’s description, Trudy writes:

So this just happened. After he sped up like he was going to hit is as we crossed the street. And then a “good guy cop” rolled up and CLEARLY did not want to help us. Before he even got out of the car he was telling us to ignore him and just walk away. Then told us he couldn’t do anything. These little fuckers live around the corner. It will take them no time to figure out which house is ours so I guess we wait until we are physically assaulted before we can get help.

A spokesman for the Portland Police says the department is investigating the incident.

“The Police Bureau is aware that speech, such as the speech present in this video, instills fear in members of our community,” Chris Burley, a public information officer at Portland Police, says. “The Police Bureau works with community members and community organizations regarding bias crimes.”

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