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Man charged with stabbing gay men across Los Angeles

The Office of the Los Angeles District Attorney has charged a man in a series of attacks on queer people that occurred over the holidays.

30-year-old Joshua Ebow stands accused of the attacks, which began on Christmas Day 2019 and continued for the next eight days. Law enforcement officials have charged him with two felony counts each of assault with a deadly weapon and battery, two counts of exhibiting a deadly weapon, as well as committing a hate crime.

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The attacks began December 25 in the Los Angeles neighborhood of Inglewood. Police say Ebow attacked a man with a knife in a pizza restaurant, stabbing him in the hand. A few days later, the attacker struck again, stabbing a man inside a Five Guys restaurant. Another stabbing occurred New Year’s Day in West LA, followed by another stabbing outside a Culver City mall.

Police arrested Ebow on January 3 in connection with the attacks. They also say he subsequently confessed to the crimes, and suspect Ebow targeted men based on suspecting they identified as LGBTQ.

Should he be convicted, Ebow faces up to 14 years in prison.