Man Contemplates Sending Straight Co-Worker Nude Pics Just To See What Happens


In a new Reddit thread titled “Sending my straight co-worker a dick pic,” a gay man ponders whether he should send his straight co-worker naked pictures of himself just to see what happens.

Reddit user manicpixieguy writes: “I have had a coworker the last couple years … We are close and cool with talking about anything, including sex. I am about to enter a relationship and want to play a mostly innocent card with him before I can’t to see how he reacts.”

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Manicpixieguy says the idea for the “mostly innocent card” recently came to him in a dream.

“The other night I dreamt I sent him a dick pic by accident, apologizing for it immediately as an accident, even though it was on purpose. In my dream he took a screenshot of the photo to save it.”

Manicpixieguy woke the next morning with the uncontrollable urge to “do this in real life.”

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“What does everyone think?” he now wonders. “We are definitely close enough to laugh about it if nothing else, and I know he wouldn’t be creeped out. Obviously though, I’m hoping he indicates that it intrigued him.”

Thankfully, his fellow Reddit users waste no time bringing manicpixieguy back down to reality.

“Do not send him an unsolicited dick pic by accident,” one person says. “Why not just ask him if he’s interested?”

“That is so creepy and gross,” someone else says.

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“No one wants an unsolicited dick pic,” another person adds. “Plus that can get you in a lot of trouble at work. You don’t want to be known as the creep who sent out a dick pic.”

“It would be sexual harassment to do this in real life,” a fourth person warns.

And luckily, manicpixieguy heeds their advice. In response to the replies, he writes: “Appreciate the responses, guys. Maybe I’m just a big perv? Not sure why I was convinced this wasn’t a bad idea…consensus says no.”

Crisis averted.

What do you think? Is “accidentally” sending unsolicited dick pics to someone a bad idea? Sound off in the comments section below.