Gay Man Found Dismembered In Berlin Apartment

Chills are echoing through Berlin’s gay community this week after the body of 37-year-old Carsten Srock, who’d been missing since New Year’s Day, was found in pieces in an apartment in the German capital’s south side Mariendorf neighborhood.

Paramedics made the gruesome discovery on Monday after being called to the scene by the apartment’s owner, identified only as Michael S., who had attempted suicide.

Sections of Srock’s dismembered body, wrapped tightly in plastic, were subsequently found in several locations around the apartment. The head, police horrifically noted, had been partially cooked.

From his hospital bed, the 43-year-old S. admitted to Srock’s murder. Police believe the tragic incident began as an episode of consensual sex between the two.

A resident of Berlin’s hip Kreuzberg neighborhood, Srock (at right) worked at a bank by day, and sometimes picked up shifts behind the counter of the gay Boiler Sauna by night.

It was following just such a shift on New Year’s Day that Srock went missing. After allegedly meeting Michael S. and agreeing to have sex with him, Srock withdrew a substantial amount of cash from a nearby ATM, called his partner to tell him he would not be coming home for the evening, then disappeared. His mobile phone was turned off the next day.

Though there’s no indication that Srock was complicit in his own death, the incident harkens back to the shocking 2001 case of Armin Meiwes, in which the so-called “Rotenburg Cannibal” used the Internet to find a willing victim, who then traveled to Meiwes’s small German village for the sole purpose of being slaughtered and eaten.

Image via missing persons reports