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Man gets life for killing friend he claims dropped pants in front of him

Nathan Calder, 28, was found guilty of murder
Nathan Calder, 28, was found guilty of murder (Photo: West Mercia Police)

A British man has been sentenced to life imprisonment for killing a male friend he says dropped his trousers and propositioned him.

However, according to friends, the victim, Paul Lundy, 48, was known for drunkenly exposing himself in front of people at parties to show off the size of his penis. They say the “exhibitionist” was a “ladies man.”

Nathan Calder, 28, of Kidderminster, was found guilty last Wednesday at Worcester Crown Court of Lundy’s murder.

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According to police, Calder and Lundy had been drinking together at Lundy’s house on the evening of May 22 when the attack happened. The two men had known each other for a couple of years and were described as, “good friends”.

Lundy was discovered the next day by his housemate in a pool of blood. He had notable facial injuries.

Calder admitted stabbing Lundy by denied murder. He claims Lundy, “sexually propositioned and manhandled him.”

Other people who knew Lundy testified that he “believed he was God’s gift to ladies,” and, “just a bit too affectionate when he had a drink,” reports The Sun.

They said that after drinking, he, “wouldn’t leave his privates alone.”

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Another male friend of Lundy’s said he had once undressed completely in front of him: “He was constantly cuddling up too much and it did make you feel uncomfortable,” testified Ronald Saunders.

“It wasn’t sexual. He was just too affectionate when he had a drink.”

In a statement to the police, Lundy’s son, Lewis Hughes, said, “I have never seen anything to say that my dad was gay or bisexual.

“He was proud of the size of his penis. It was his party trick.”

His sister, Edith Lunday, stated to the police saying, “It was a family joke. He was known for touching his privates and messing with himself.

“It was all in jest. He just wanted to make people laugh.”

The court heard Calder had 24 previous convictions. These included battery, sexually assaulting a child under the age of 13 and abusing an older man whilst “carrying a claw hammer.”

In passing sentence, Judge Robert Juckes QC said: “The sentence I pass onto you cannot repair the damage that you have done.

“The loss of a father and friend and relative is irreplaceable.

“I don’t hesitate to find that Mr Lundy did some of those acts that you suggested.

“This could have been dealt with by moving out of his way. There should have been no difficulty with it.

“You were perhaps disgusted by what he was doing and you became angry and you picked up the knife and you acted in anger which formed the intention to kill.”

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Detective Chief Insp Carl Moore of West Mercia Police said afterward, “Nathan Calder committed this horrific attack on Paul Lundy, in his own home, leaving him there to be discovered the following evening by his friend and housemate.

“In the time Calder was in Paul’s home, he attacked and murdered him, showing a total lack of regard for human life.”

In a statement, Lundy’s family described him as “the life and soul of any family event” and they “miss him every single day,” reported the BBC.

The jury unanimously agreed Calder was guilty of murder. He must serve a minimum of 17 years in prison.