Drag Queen Felled By Bullet, But Got A Shot Out

Man Held In ABQ Drag Murder

Albuquerque, New Mexico’s queer community remains stunned after a senseless murder:

A 33-year old man is charged with murder in the brutal killing of Patrick Murphy regarded by most in Albuquerque’s LGBT community as a drag icon.

Police allege that Dana Madsen shot Murphy three times in the head. He was arrested shortly after calling police to report a shooting inside his apartment.

Under questioning Madsen admitted shooting Murphy several times in the head – the last time to “put her out of her misery” because she was laying on the ground screaming and shaking. Madsen told police that before he fired the final shot Murphy had called him an “ass.”

Yes, it’s absolutely terrible that murphy lost his life, but you got to love that he got one final insult in on the way.