Man Kisses Police Officer During Confrontation, Insane Street Brawl Ensues


A man in China tried to diffuse an argument with a cop… by kissing him on the lips. But the absurdity doesn’t stop there. An all-out street brawl quickly ensued, with bystanders jumping in with bar stools, kitchen utensils, flyswatters and skillets.

Yes, this actually happened.

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The incident occurred yesterday on a sidewalk in Liuzhou, a city in Guangxi Zhuang, China. The man who kissed the officer is named Mr. Huang. He is the owner of a pop-up street restaurant. When officials from the urban administration department came to shut down the restaurant, Huang responded by kissing one of them on the lips. The officer, in turn, responded by swatting Huang away. And that’s when Huang’s employees jumped in to beat the officer with whatever they could find.

Lucky for us, the entire ordeal was caught on tape.

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After the incident, Huang was detained and charged with obstructing government officials from performing their duties.

Check out the video below.

A kiss to remember – or not

A kiss to remember – or not A man in Liuzhou, a city in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, was running a restaurant in the city’s sidewalk – and according to the city’s urban administration department, the man, Mr. Huang, violated the rules. So when an officer from urban administration–the governmental department that is responsible for city management–tried to stop the restaurant from running, Mr. Huang and his waitresses got into a heated argument with him. And when the officer didn’t listen, Mr. Huang averted to other tactics – he kissed the male officer. And it wasn’t just a peck-on-the-cheek kind of kiss. Mr. Huang kissed the officer on his lips, twice, just to provoke him. And it seemed the officer wasn’t really excited about the kiss. Following the incident, Mr. Huang has been detained for eight days for obstructing government officials from performing their duty. And needless to say, the video of Thursday’s incident has been making rounds on the Chinese Internet with netizens labeling it anywhere from love to indecent behavior. “It looks like the urban administration officer’s heart is shocked,” commented @Yujianwangwenroudeshiguang on Weibo. “Love has conquered like a tornado,” joked @Liximei. “Will he be sentenced for sexual harassment?” @Xueshanlaixin commented, asking if Mr. Huang could be arrested on that ground.

Posted by CGTN on Saturday, March 19, 2016

h/t: CCTV News