Man Mortgages His House To Pay For $100,000 Penis Enlargement Surgery

man-opening-pantsHow far would you go to increase the size of your penis? For one Australian man, he’s willing to fork over $100,000 and risk losing his house.

In May 2013, 32-year-old “Mike” went public with his tale of woe.

“My penis is basically infant-sized,” he confessed to ninemsn.

Mike’s wiener was less than three inches long when erect. Having a micropenis, he said, had caused him a lifetime of psychological torture and distress.

“It has prevented me from doing or experiencing a lot of things,” he said. “I haven’t experienced proper relationships. I found it difficult to talk to girls. I didn’t lose my virginity until I was 24 when I had a girlfriend for three months.”

So in 2012, he spent $45,000 to try and increase the length and girth of his dong. To pay for the surgery, he had to mortgage his house.

“Pre-surgery, I was 2-3cm flaccid,” Mike said, “and I’m now 4cm. My erection is probably around 7cm.”

(That’s approximately $22,500 a centimeter.)

Unhappy with the results, Mike says he’s now planning a second surgery, which is estimated to cost around $18,000. Chances are he will also need a third, more serious surgery, which will cost around $50,000. If he undergoes both surgeries, he will have spent more than $100,000 on trying to increase the size of his peepee.

But Mike says he doesn’t care. He’ll do whatever it takes for a bigger penis and to free himself of the chains and fetters of what he calls a “self-perception issue — am I man enough?”

“Penis size can become such a huge badge of progress which is unfair because there is such a variation in the onset of puberty,” he told ninemsn. “I’d happily be less intelligent, lose a few IQ points and have a bigger penis.”