Man Of The People Ted Cruz Booed, Hissed During Late Show Appearance Over Gay Marriage Comments

Cruz-and-ColbertStephen Colbert is continuing to prove himself to be a class act as host of The Late Show — what other explanation could there be for how calm he remains while jabbing at guest and presidential hopeful Ted Cruz‘s weaselly political views?

Antigay rhetoric and broad generalizations might work for Cruz when he’s hitting the campaign trail, but all it takes are a few respectful prods from Colbert’s questioning and Cruz’s ideology falls apart completely.

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When Cruz compares himself to Reagan, the shining star atop the Republican party, Colbert doesn’t let it rest. Reagan raised taxes and believed in an amnesty program for undocumented workers, Colbert reminds him.

Cruz deflects and tries to shift the focus to some new buzz words — helping Americans to live within their means, and following the Constitution in legislating.

“And no gay marriage,” Colbert adds to the list.

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As Cruz launches into the “states should decide” defense, studio audience members can be heard booing and hissing.

“Guys, however you feel, he’s my guest, so please don’t boo him,” Colbert says.

Kudos, Stephen, for simultaneously raising some important questions while maintaining decorum.

We can only imagine how awkward his interview with Donald Trump will get tonight.

Watch below (the gay marriage bit starts around the 3:00 mark: