Man pleads guilty to seducing over 150 straight men and tricking them into having sex on camera

A Florida man has pleaded guilty to disguising himself as a woman and then tricking dozens and dozens (and dozens and dozens) of men into making gay pornos.

Over the summer, 33-year-old Bryan Deneumostier was accused on conning hundreds of straight-identifying men into thinking they were meeting up with a bored housewife for sex and secretly recording their encounters.

Deneumostier would find his victims on Craigslist, where he posted ads pretending to be a “real, heterosexual female” looking for flings at her house near an Army base.

He would invite the guys over, blindfold them, and perform sex acts on them on camera without their knowing. Afterwards, he would upload the videos to various porn sites.

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The series was called “StraightBoyz,” and featured “real straight men” being tricked into performing gay sex acts. Deneumostier ran the scheme for four years before being busted in July.

This week, Deneumostier pleaded guilty to two counts of illegal interception of oral communications.

It was originally reported that he had engaged in sex with as many as 600 men. In court, he admitted the number was closer to 150.

Over half of those men, Deneumostier said, were unaware that he was recording them. The other half, he says, were aware and had consented to being taped.

Deneumostier faces up to 10 years in prison. His sentencing is scheduled for November 29.

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