Man pleads guilty to using hookup app to prey on gay men

A man in Dallas, Texas has pleaded guilty to federal hate crime charges in connection with a 2017 scheme to target queer men on the Grindr app, rob, and assault them.

KSAT News reports that 22-year-old Daniel Jenkins pleaded guilty to five counts including hate crime and hate crime conspiracy.

Jenkins became the fourth man to plead guilty in connection with the crime; his accomplices Michael Atkinson, Daryl Henry and Pablo Ceniceros-Deleon all pled guilty in 2019. They face sentencing this June, while a court will sentence Jenkins this October.

“These defendants brutalized multiple victims, singling them out due to their sexual orientation,” acting U.S. Attorney Prerak Shah said in a statement. “We cannot allow this sort of violence to fester unchecked.”

In 2017, Jenkins and his accomplices plotted together to lure men using a fake profile.

When the victims would arrive, the men would pistol whip, beat, and rob the men while shouting homophobic slurs. At least two victims reported getting urinated on and having feces smeared on them, while another reported being sexually assaulted.

The case in question is just one of a number of incidents of assailants using dating apps to target LGBTQ men.

Last year, a man in Lousiana targeted an 18-year-old for torture and murder. In 2020, Queerty reported on a similar scheme in New York City, where a man used Grindr to target and lure victims for robbery.

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