Man Returns To The High School Where He Was Bullied To Steal Underwear Out Of The Locker Room And Masturbate On It


John P. Gallagher, a 19-year-old (now former?) FedEx employee, was arrested for breaking into the boy’s locker room of his old high school in Kansas City, Missouri, and masturbating onto students’ underwear he stole out of the lockers.

He’s been seen on security camera footage at least 11 times breaking into the locker room through an unlocked window. One student reported finding a used condom tied to his shoe, though he thought it was a friend’s prank and didn’t report it. Ew. Gallagher allegedly put the underwear on the floor, masturbated onto it, then stuffed the soiled undergarments in an unused locker.

Meanwhile, Gallagher tells police that he was committing these lewd acts — for which he faces second-degree burglary charges — to get revenge for the years of bullying he faced at the high school, where he was called a girl and tormented about his sexuality. I guess if the jocks really did torment you doing your formidable years, splashing your semen all over their drawers is one way to get back at “them.”