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This man is risking his life in order to achieve huge Popeye-inspired muscles

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We all have our things. This Russian ex-soldier likes to inject oil into his arms to make his biceps swell like cartoon sailor Popeye.

The now Internet-famous Kirill Tereschin has raised eyebrows since sharing footage featuring him shadowboxing with massive 24″ biceps.

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Medical experts are concerned that the use of this oil could eventually kill him.

The Mirror reports Tereshin is using a “site enhancement oil” called synthol to create his biceps: he’s added 10″ to his arms in just 10 days.

“He could lose movement in his arms, his muscles could turn into balls that he won’t be able to use to lift things,” says Dr. Yuriv Serebryanskiny. “He could end up disabled.”

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A pro power-lifter named Kirill Sychev agrees:

“You can see it in his face, there is something unhealthy about it. This is a person who needs complex medical help.”

But Tereshin has no plans to stop. In fact, he hopes the oil will help him break bodybuilding records:

“In order to reach such a size, you need to inject litres into your arms. I was doing it and getting a fever of up to 40 degrees, I was lying in bed, feeling like I was dying, but then it all turned out fine.”

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  • Creamsicle

    “I survived poisoning myself! Those doctors don’t know what they’re talking about.”

    The worst part about this is that 2r” biceps are not unattainable through healthier means. He might not be genetically predisposed towards that kind of muscle mass, but even if he were on steroids that would be healthier than injecting synthol and increasing his bicep circumference by 10″ in 10 days.

  • Hussain-TheCanadian

    This looks like psychological and emotional turmoil Kirill is going through than anything else. It’s akin to self mutilation and harm; I can’t imagine it being comfortable sitting, sleeping, driving and generally moving with those arms.

    I hope he stops before he loses his lims.

    • Smith David

      No fats no fems. At least he’s thin. Being thin is the most important thing here. So, I wish him the best. As long as he stays at a healthy weight.

  • Stache

    Jesus. Suddenly I feel like stick man. That just looks weird. Gigantic arms and a normal body. Maybe if he went all freak and injected it everywhere.

  • Xzamilloh

    Well, you play stupid games, you win stupid prizes, and he’s well on his way to collecting his reward.

  • Greg

    Popeye doesn’t have big biceps. He has huge forearms.

  • Paco

    Well… They are his arms to lose. I hope he is practicing writing his name with his feet.

  • terminalose

    it compensates, personally I prefer to have a big dick naturally, it avoids me having to try to muscle everything and anything

  • Kieran

    No. Elephantiasis is not and never has been hot.

  • calpoidog

    It’s just one stop on the continuum of measures people take….steroids, human growth hormone, butt implants (I’ve noticed a big upswing in oversized asses at my gym lately). People just need to learn to be happy with what they have or obtain naturally. Everything else just smells of desperation and insecurity.

    • IanHunter

      I agree with you. I have noticed that the asses at the gym now have giant butts. I don’t know how many of them have implants or really worked out to get them. I just know that some of them look really strange with a stick body and a bubble but. Also all of the ones on steroids have really bad acne. Sad that so many people are unhappy that they have to inject steroids or get implants to feel secure. What is going to happen in 5 years when they are out of style?

  • IWantAFullBeard

    Thanks for giving me another reason to avoid Russia.

  • chris33133

    Wouldn’t it be easier to eat spinach?

    • Bob LaBlah

      I bet it would have been cheaper. lol

  • Thomas


    • Bob LaBlah

      Not quite. Darwinism was natural evolution whereas these clowns did it with the help of a doctor’s prescription.

  • IanHunter

    Looks like tumors. Reminds me of a Popeye joke they did on Family Guy.
    Reminds me of that guy that injected his penis with silicone to make it huge. Needless to say he can’t have sex with it anymore.

  • scotty

    synthol freaks are easily some of the stupidest people on the planet. trump voters run a close second.

  • duje_buric

    No worries. Something called Darwinian natural selection will soon fix the problem.

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