Man Sends Nude Pic With Job Application, Employer Files Police Report

Everyone knows that if you want the job, you have to stand out from the crowd.

A man in Dallas did just that when he attached a picture of his throbbing penis to his resume then submitted it to Texas Workforce Solutions.

Texas Workforce Solutions is a state-run agency that helps connect job seekers with potential employers. The agency also coordinates adult education classes and vocational training programs.

When the innocent 25-year-old TWS worker found the man’s willy waiting for her in her inbox, she wasted no time phoning police.

Since the man sent the picture form his personal e-mail account, police has no trouble tracking him down. They issued him a ticket for “obscene display or distribution” — a class C misdemeanor.

Demarquis Black, spokesperson for the Dallas Police Department, said as far as he can tell, the man is still unemployed.

“I think I know why he can’t find a job,” Black told the Dallas Observer.