Man Sentenced For “Gay-Turning” Rape

44-year old Oregonian William Gerald Collins will spend the next 25-years in prison for raping his 11-year old step son dozens of times. It all started when his marriage started to crumble. Rather than accept defeat, Collins started raping the boy to “turn him gay,” to prevent his wife from having grandchildren. Fucking sicko idiot.

This vengeful attitude certainly didn’t play out well in court, where prosecutors and the judge blasted Collins’ selfish, violent acts. Deputy District Attorney Andrew Erwin said, “This was not a pedophile who can’t control his actions. This was an evil, calculated plan by the defendant to not only destroy one life but two.”

Collins reportedly cried after hearing the sentence and promises he’s learning his lesson. And he’ll continue to learn it in prison, where convicts don’t take well to child molesters.

Who won’t be having grandchildren now?

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  • Paul Raposo

    Years ago on an episode of, “The Dini Petty Show,” a mother who had written book about her brutal divorce talked about how her ex-husband, upon realizing during their separation that the divorce was going to happen, started raping their son to get revenge on her. His excuse was that since the wife wouldn’t do her “wifely duties,” he raped the boy because he looked like his mother.

  • maverick69

    Fucking sick bastard….Can’t wait to read about the rapes he endures while he’s in the slammer.

    Send a memo to the guys in prison….

    Don’t kill him….

    Just torture his pink hairy asshole.

    Sick fuck !!

  • Stenar

    That’s one of the sickest things I’ve heard in a long time. :(

  • Gregg

    What a demented psycho piece of shit.

    Another idiot who thinks people can be “turned” gay.

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