Man Smacks Boyfriend With Plate For Playing Too Much Alanis Morrisette

A man in Jacksonville, FL, was arrested for hitting his boyfriend in the face with a plate because he was listening to Alanis Morissette nonstop.

Allen Blair, 24, is in custody after assaulting Todd Fletcher, 33, with the good china on Saturday. “That’s all that motherfucker listens to,” Casey complained in the official police report.

A witness claims to have witnessed the attack, which Casey later confessed to. Both he and his beau are believed to have been high off their asses on methamphetamines.

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  • Cam

    So once again, no articles on the massive amounts of NOM funding coming from the organized Mormon Church and it’s support by many in the Catholic Church even though this violates U.S. Tax Code.

    But articles about crazy gays attacking each other are fine.

    Yeah, wouldn’t want to write any articles about the largest organized funder of anti-gay legislation and the most well funded anti-gay advocate in the country would you? Especially since there isn’t anything important like say…and election going on.

  • cmk2877

    @Cam: OMfuckingG. Go get your news somewhere else! No one is forcing you to come to Queerty. I have about 30 websites/blogs in my normal rotation, some are for serious news, some are for funny stuff, some are for LAUGHING AT STUPID QUEERS WHO SLAP THEIR BF WITH THE GOOD CHINA. Seriously, I’m so fucking tired of all of the bitching in the comments here. Take the site for what it is, get your serious news somewhere else or start your own fucking blog and post only the stuff you deem important to the community and therefore acceptable for consumption. Jesus christ you people are taxing.

  • hyhybt

    @Cam: NOM’s funding is widely covered elsewhere; if you want to read about that, Good As You would be a good place to check.

    Every site has its strengths; Queerty’s, for me, is its variety.

    Besides, it’s good to show that gay people really *are* just like everyone else, including that our number includes people like these.

  • EdWoody

    @Cam: Start your own blog.

  • viveutvivas


  • Cam


    The issue is, they DO cover OTHER stories, we see plenty if there is some Rabbi that doesn’t like gays, or if a govt. official does something.

    So don’t report on govt. officials and other stories like that and then claim that the only reason they aren’t reporting on the most well funded anti-gay group in the country is because they don’t DO stories like that.

    But you know….nice try.

  • cmk2877

    @Cam: As someone else said, part of the reason lots of us like Queerty is the variety. I come here and get what I get, it may be serious news, but it might be gays behaving badly. Again, some of us like the variety. But when I’m seeking out serious news, I certainly do not come to Queerty. Its just a bonus when they have it sprinkled in with the other stuff. Stop bitching about Queerty not covering a story you want to hear about. Others are.

  • iBLOW

    Why is this news

  • mpwaite

    “Well isn’t that IRONIC..”

  • DarthKitsune

    Violence is never the answer! That being said, I’d have cracked him over the head with my great-grandmother’s silver tea service. There’s only just so much Alanis a man can take before his primal instincts take over.

  • keoki3

    Thank you India
    Thank you terror
    Thank you disillusionment
    Thank you frailty
    Thank you consequence
    Thank you thank you silence

  • Hillers

    You oughta know that the good china delivers a striking blow.

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