Red alert

Man sounds alarm on serious problem plaguing locker rooms: Male nudity

This is not a drill.

A Canadian hero is bringing international attention to a problem that’s taking a serious toll on his and his community’s lives.

We’re referring, of course, to nudity in the men’s locker room.

Warning: This post will continue to reference the nude, male form. Readers who are prone to seizures, migraines or the vapors are encouraged to close this tab immediately.

Norm Waddell likes to swim at the Cowichan Aquatic Centre in Duncan, British Columbia. But the locker room situation is untenable. Men. Naked men. Everywhere.

He’s especially concerned about the “elderly” men who engage in “excessive nudity,” which doesn’t scream of ageism at all.

He’s taking his fight public after essentially getting the brushoff from pool administrators.

“I don’t think it’s right that these men make it so uncomfortable for others with their nudity,” he said. “I have a son who is not comfortable with it either. There are separate cubicals and shower stalls in the change rooms so these men should be made to use them.”

The mayor of the town, Jon Lefebur, has even had to weigh in, suggesting those private cubicals might be better utilized by those who are uncomfortable, not those who are OK with birthday suits:

“People changing from clothes to bathing suits is part of using the pool. For people who are sensitive, we have separate cubicles and showers that they can use by themselves.”

Now that’s politics in action, folks.

We stand in solidarity with Norm and wish him all the best in his pursuit of a nudity-free locker room experience for all.