Hate Crime

Man thrown onto NYC subway tracks by attacker yelling antigay slurs

New York Police have opened a hate crime investigation into an attack on a 21-year-old man early Friday morning. An assailant hit the man with a hammer, yelled homophobic slurs and threw him onto the subway tracks in the path of an oncoming train.

According to CBS News, the victim reports he was waiting for a train in a Mount Hope subway station when the attacker approached him, striking him in the armpit with a hammer. The attacker then pushed the man onto the subway tracks, yelling an anti-gay slur.

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Luckily, the victim managed to crawl off the tracks and onto the platform before the approaching train arrived, though the attacker managed to escape. Doctors treated the victim for a gash on the eyebrow at St. Barnabas Hospital.

The incident reflects an uptick in subway violence in recent days, with three other unrelated attacks occurring in the last week and a half.

In September it was announced 500 additional transit police officers would be hired.

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