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Man travels from London to Helsinki for Grindr hookup

Tim Wright is a data scientist from London. Last month, he booked a last minute flight to Helsinki to meet up with a guy who he had just met on Grindr two hours earlier.

“It was boilerplate Grindr fodder, ‘what do you do?’, ‘what are you into?’, exchange with a couple of pics,” Wright recalled to Pink News

“He told me that he lives in West London and was free to meet tonight, or after he gets back from his weekend away in Helsinki and jokingly said: ‘Unless you wanted to come to Helsinki?’”

So that’s what Wright did.

20 minutes later, Wright booked the flight… Then he asked for the guy’s name.

“It’s gotta be a better first date than getting too drunk in a Wetherspoons and making out in a back alley,” Wright told Pink News before his departure.

He later shared a screenshot of the chat. Naturally, Twitter had a lot to say about it.

No word yet on how the weekend went.

How far would you travel for a Grindr hookup? Sound off in the comments section below…