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Man tries sending sexy photo to boyfriend, texts it to his friend circle instead

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Misfired messages are every sexter’s worst nightmare. Just ask the guy who sent an X-rated pic not to his boyfriend but to his group of friends.

“Earlier today during a shower, I decided to send a random boner pic to my boyfriend,” the unfortunate guy wrote on Reddit. “Unfortunately, in my masturbatory haze, I accidentally sent the pic to a group chat that was full of basically our entire social circle.”

He continued: “While frantically trying to find the button on my phone that reverses time and space, my boyfriend replies ‘I see you’re ready for date night ;).’ This reply was in the group chat, which has people I’ve known since childhood.”

“F*ck my life,” he added.

The top-voted comment on the thread, a Reddit user quipped, “Well, at this point, why not accidentally share it with this subreddit.” Then the commenter offered sage advice: “Own that sh*t. Joke about it. You’re the guy with a sex life! … If you take it casually yourself, it will be seen that way by others.”

Other commenters had similar horror stories. “Can’t be as bad as when I took a nice shot of myself in front of the mirror, pants down,” one wrote. “Thought I sent it to my then-boyfriend when it turns out I sent it to my mother.”

Another commented: “All I can say is, ‘Welcome to the club.’ I gave an old camera to my parents, I went through and deleted everything, but apparently, the delete didn’t stick. Parents gave the camera to sister, sister’s kid went through it. Everyone embarrassed. Life goes on.”

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