Man in tropical speedo recreates Lindsay Lohan’s Mykonos dance routine to perfection

Lindsay Lohan is currently living her best life on the Greek island of Mykonos, where she’s filming an upcoming MTV reality show about her new bar, Lohan Beach House.

Over the holiday weekend, video of Ms. Lohan dressed in a shimmery silver jumpsuit while kicking and twirling her heart out went viral.

Soon, the hashtag #DoTheLiLo began trending, with people posting videos of themselves recreating the 32-year-old once-promising actress’ dance moves to social media.

According to his Instagram bio, Jay is a 29-year-old bartender who loves playing video games and doing yoga. He’s also, evidently, quite the dancing queen.

Over the weekend, Jay performed the entire routine, step by step, then shared it with his followers.

Looks like LiLo could learn a thing or two from this guy.

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