Man Trusts “Gut” Over Obama

Some dumb schmuck called into Michelangelo Signorile’s radio show yesterday to declare he won’t vote for Barack Obama. Why? Because the Senator “can’t play the game,” whatever that means.

Signorile does an excellent job tearing him down. Unfortunately, this man says he’s trusting his “gut.” God, people are stupid!

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  • fredo777

    Well, on the flip side of that coin, I’m trusting my “gut” that Obama would make a fine president, despite all the bitterness + doubt from Obie-haters.

  • MJ

    Who is Queerty calling stupid?! Queerty still won’t apologize for their Duke rape hoax coverage, and not updating the story (the lawsuits ripping Durham and Duke to shreds). Queerty has been stupid themselves. They just figure..”We’ll skulk away and nobody will notice….mumble..mumble..”

  • fredo777

    Way to bring up a totally unrelated story in your argument, yo.

  • George

    Re: “Who is Queerty calling stupid?!”

    That guy who called into the show and all but admitted he was a complete idiot.

    And what does that have anything to do with the Duke rape case from a year ago? Talk about a right-wing Sean Hannity-style deflection.

  • MJ

    No, guys, I never said the guy who called Signorile wasn’t stupid. I’m saying it’s hypocritical for Queerty to call anybody stupid. It’s like Hitler saying about Stalin, “That mass murderer!” It’s called standards guys. Integrity. If I said publically that Hauslaib had AIDS and regularly screwed unconscious guys without a condom, I think I’d be obliged to correct the story when all scientific evidence showed it wasn’t true.

  • MJ

    P.S.- Wasn’t Fredo the mentally retarded brother in “The Godfather”?

  • George

    If this blog is so morally objectionable to you why would you read it? Every time you visit it you give them money.

  • MJ

    I might give them some money, yes, but it might be worth it to make them account for themselves.

  • fredo777

    Aye, George.

    Also, MJ, good to see that your method of bringing up totally unrelated issues in a discussion hasn’t lost its appeal.

  • MW in NY

    “Can’t play the game?” really? He just out played the former game champion: the Clinton machine.

  • Gregoire

    You know who I’m calling stupid? Whoever this person MJ is. Stupid times ten.

  • Al

    You can’t fix stupid.

  • MJ's an Idiot

    Duke? Hitler? Stalin? AIDS?

    I’m sorry: this has what, exactly, to do with voting for Obama?

  • Shut up you fuckwit

    MJ, remind us all Queerty was responsible for the Duke rape accusations.

    Exactly . . . ?

  • JPinWeHo

    As a former Duke student, I can honestly tell you that even though the lacrosse players were not guilty of rape, that does not mean that their behavior was appropriate.

    Having a party off-campus, hiring strippers/prostitutes (with racially motivated undertones), and serving alcohol to minors was not exactly a good idea.

    As for voting for McCain – I just don’t get it. How can you be gay and vote for someone who firmly believes you shouldn’t be allowed to formalize your relationships, adopt children, not be discriminated against at work, not be protected from hate crimes, etc? It’s ridiculous – these people should look back when police raided gay bars because being gay was illegal, and being gay could result in placement in a psychiatric facility. A vote for McCain puts the advances the LGBT community has achieved in the past years in jeopardy (despite the conservatives) and seriously puts the halt on future advances (state and federal gay marriage, end of DADT, anti-discrimination laws).

    And don’t give me the “I’m not a one-issue voter argument.” No amount of tax-savings would convince me that I should vote for a candidate who opposes my own civil rights – what good is more money if I’m considered a second class citizen?!

  • James

    Jeesh MJ. Still beating that dead horse? Blaming Queerty for reporting the Duke story? Will you soon accuse them of reverse racism and demand they sit and talk to ya!

    Seems to me if you really wanted to go after soemone it would be Ms. Nacny Grace at CNN.

  • al

    I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: You know who has the most experience on the hill? Dick Cheney and Karl Rove.

  • Alacer

    wow, Queerty. wow. this is so hypocritical, it’s not funny.

  • RPCV

    The caller, Steven, while note being eloquent in his argument does make a very good point. B Hussein O is an unknown, inexperienced quantity with tons of negatives, such as supporting black liberation theology, Rev. Wright, the most liberal voting record in Congress, his interest in taxing businesses to disuade them from expanding and hiring, his USA-hating wife, pandering to the left – and these are just the first 6 that quickly come to mind!! Any rational, thinking, America-loving person will pull the lever for McCain. The choice is crystal clear, America or no more America. Just a thought……….

  • fredo777

    Fuckin’ trolls.

  • RPCV

    Fredo777: How you be, bro??

    Did I upset you by stating my opinion? I regret doing so, if I did. And, why do you resort to name calling? I’ve never called you a name, and never would, for stating your opinions no matter how consistently faulty I think they are. Ciao!!

  • fredo777

    RPCV, I’m hardly upset. Also, we’re not “bros”.

    As for name-calling, when a person’s posts are inflammatory/contrary to the point of absurdity, I tend to assume we’re being trolled. I never mentioned any names, though, oddly enough.

  • rd

    So, is Queerty for Obama supporters only? No Hillary love here?

  • RPCV

    Oh, Fredo, Fredo, Fredo. Is it racist for me to call you bro?? Perhaps a bit condescending, but not racist. Funny how a person’s opinion absurd. If you notice, even I didn’t call your opinions “absurd,” just faulty.

    McCain for all Americans, even Kwame Kilpatrick. LOL LOL LOL

  • RPCV

    That’s it!! I’ve just stumbled on one additional reason I reject B. Hussein Obama. He reminds me of Kwame K, the honorable mayor of Detroit, a ‘bro who started out as the best thing since sliced bread. And, look what HE turned out to be!!

    McCain ’08

  • Mr C

    Yo RPCV, or rather R2D2

    Yeah look at what Kwame turned out to be. The same DAMN THING WILLIAM JEFFERSON CLINTON was a FUCKING HOE and SLUT!

    aiight punk bitch. You still wanna come out and play you internet vile racist punk. Ya feel me Man, or Ms SE DC

    The offer still stands. Talk your shit in person.

    But your PUNK ASS won’t!

    BIOTCH! as we say in da hood, Ya Feel me Yo?

  • RPCV

    Mr. C, how you be??

    As we’ve discussed several times before, the only reason for me to see you is to hand you that one-way ticket to Africa WITH a signed, sworn commitment from you to NEVER return to the USA, the country that has provided you everything but that you so clearly reject and hate. BTW, I’ll be at the marina tomorrow after work eating some clam chowda. Join me and my friends if you like, and I’ll buy you some chowda. We’ll be in suits and ties!! Ya Feel Me Yo??

  • BillieXX

    Ah yes. There is nothing better than race baiting on a Thursday.

  • fredo777

    RPCV, I said nothing about “bro” being racist. I just don’t like you enough to consider you a friend/pal/chum/homie/bro/acquaintance or anything of the sort.

    Actually, I think I’ll just ignore your posts in the future. That works for me.

  • crazylove

    don’t feed the troll. especially crack addicted ones like RPCV. If it makes you feel better, he’s only about 25 percent of the population right now.

  • Alacer

    And the maturity award goes to…

    but that’s beside the point. I agree, “gut” voting is bad. You should vote on principle, not a feeling. Your vote should be thought out and intentional. But Queerty, you make it sound like he’s stupid because he’s NOT voting for Obama. How much of the Obama support base is voting based on their “gut”? A real fuckin’ lot and you know it. Maybe it’s his eloquence, maybe it’s because he’s black, or maybe it’s because he just appeals to the younger crowds, but whatever it is, if it’s not based on principle, it’s dangerous. The same goes for Hillary supporters who did so because Hillary’s a woman! Not that that really matters anymore.

    long story short, next time I meet an Obama supporter who, when asked why they support him, responds with something like “Well the first time I heard him speak, I was just overwhelmed and he’s so charming and he wants change blah blah more vague droolings blah change, oh and then there’s change!” I think I’ll die.

  • fredo777

    “And the maturity award goes to…”

    I hope that was aimed at me. Maturity is overrated.

  • Mr C

    UM R2D2 I’m not from Africa I’m from America.

    FUCK The marina any Gay club of YOUR CHOICE we can meet. Girl you’re not stupid living amongst the people you don’t like. You don’t have enough nerve in your body nor your KKK Grandmother’s body neither to be defiant in SE DC, or any other section of the district.

    So you little Washington Blade internet racist bastard kiss my ass and whenever you feel the need to make your VISIBLE. Let me know.

    Remember you live amongst the people you hate. But here’s a catch. Barack might not make the presidency.

    And nor Will David Catania, Carole Schwartz,or Jim Graham will NEVER be mayor in DC

    TRUST BITCH we all have suits and when Obama wins the presidency I will buy you a one way ticket to Mars where you and Churchill-Y belong far, far away. Seems like your ticket will cost more than mines??????

    Ya Feel me PUNK ASS FAG!


  • dfrw

    Grow up!

    When it is Republican versus Democrat, the Democrat always gets my vote.

    Do you want four more years? Vote McBush.

  • BillieXX


    There you go. Fight someone’s racism by resorting to homophobia. That always works. Jeesh peoples!

  • Peter Pan

    Obama campaign rep STUMPED on legislative accomplishments:

    Someone needs to press the RESET button in the US when it comes to politics!

  • Alacer

    Ok, fredo. Fair enough, could I change the word mature to negative? It’s counter productive and harmful. why is it necessary to call someone a “fuckin troll” or a “PUNK ASS FAG” oooor “FUCKING HOE and SLUT”? It’s not. It’s barbaric. And no, that was not aimed at you specifically. I was referring to the “debate” as a whole.

  • fredo777

    Alacer, I am all for positivity, but I will not apologize for calling that particular poster a troll. Having read plenty of troll-like posts from him, I felt it was a fitting description.

    The other comments were not mine + I also found them excessively negative.

  • RPCV

    Mr. C: I’m wi-fiing you now from Crabby Joe’s drinking a beer and waiting for some grub. Mixing nicely with all types of folks. Got my posse with me, too. Come on down. I’ve got that ticket for you!!

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