‘Man vs. Food’ Star Gets Naked To Debut Hot New Body, Healthy New Lifestyle

adam richmanToday is the last day you’ll ever recognize Adam Richman as the heavy food enthusiast scarfing his favorite dishes on Travel Channel’s Man vs. Food.

After a 10-month effort to shed excess weight and ultimately lead a healthier lifestyle, the 40-year-old man who once ate a five pound pizza for the sake of television stripped down this week and debuted his sexy new bearish body in a fully-nude photoshoot for horny ladies bible Cosmo.

He tells the magazine that his ballooning weight sent him into deep depression. He decided to make a lifestyle change with a regular workout routine and healthy eating habits after watching his weight climb during regular visits to the doctor. “I went in for a checkup, and when my doctor had me stand on the scale, even he was surprised,” he says. “Seeing that number (which I’ll take to the grave) was a turning point. I knew I needed to make a change.”

Richman debuted his weight loss story with People in late 2013. For reference, this is what he looked like in 2012:

adam-richman (1)

“To go from hating the way I looked to being a Cosmo centerfold is a profound honor,” he said, adding that he has lost over 60 pounds and counting.

Check out more sexy shots of Richman on Instagram. If you scroll back far enough, you can watch his inspirational change take shape over the past year.

h/t Wicked Gay Blog