Man Who Beat Disabled Brother To “Push The Gay Out Of Him” Gets Prison Time

brotherA judge in Lancaster, Ohio has sentenced 38-year-old Lawrence L. Featheroff to 30 months in prison for beating, terrorizing, and threatening to slice off the genitals of his developmentally disabled brother after he reveaeld that he might be gay last year.

Featheroff plead guilty to attempted complicity to commit felonious assault and abduction, claiming that he “wanted to toughen [his brother] up to push the gay out of him and make him a normal person.”

Featheroff’s 26-year-old brother, Jason A. Meyers began living with his brother, his brother’s girlfriend and an aunt and uncle after he had been abused in a group home. According to detectives, Meyers “is developmentally disabled but reasonably high functioning,” and was placed in the sole custody of his brother. The extended family lived about 30 miles from Columbus, one of the most gay-friendly cities in the Midwest.

Meyers told investigators a number of horrific stories, including times that Featheroff had “hit him repeatedly,” “allowed him to eat only once a day,” “made him run up and down a hill carrying a heavy railroad tie,” and “held a butcher knife under his genitals and threatened to cut them off.” When police visited the family’s home in January, they discovered Meyers with a concussion, a sprained ankle and bruises on his face and around his eye.

Featheroff reportedly inflicted the physical and emotional trauma after Meyers told him last year that he “had sexual thoughts about men and boys.”

Since the trial began, Meyers has been living in adult foster care.

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  • tardis

    This guy looks like a poster child for ignorance. And LOL…this guy thinks what he did was normal? F’n hell. Poor guy, I hope he recovers at what this FREAK did to him.

  • DickieJohnson

    Featheroff looks like HE is “challenged” and is the one who belongs in institutional care! Poor Jason, abused in a group home, then by his own brother. There’s no telling how much of this ignorant abuse goes on! At least he escaped being killed, unlike that poor 4-yr old!

  • Mezaien

    He is dependently interbreed, mentally ill white Christian.

  • Dakotahgeo

    Poor Lawrence doesn’t look like he’s at the top of the list for the mentally competent either. Get poor Jason a living arrangement where he’s safe and get lawrence legally out of touch with him. Yikes.

  • kevinjabs

    Mezaien, why go to the Christian card? I’m a proud gay Catholic man and I found your mention of Christianity offensive.

  • Spike

    Looks like one of the guys on Duck Dynasty.

  • barkomatic

    I feel so awful for the victim. First he endures abuse at a group home, and then he endures even worse treatment at the hand of his own brother. I hope he finds some stability and people who actually care about his well being.

  • DickieJohnson

    @Mezaien: Uhhh, you don’t know that, and I wish you, and OTHERS, would get off the anti-Christian hatred crap! Please, don’t teach that to your six children! BTW, your English needs some improvement.

  • tardis

    @DickieJohnson: Considering the ramifications of the church’s attitude towards those outside the status quo, is it all that surprising to see a backlash towards Christianity? Some have been so burned by the church that entertaining any thoughts about having a relationship with it is out of the question. I think when people speak against the church, they’re speaking out against the whorshipers more so that God himself. Some people were never given a chance to have a relationship with God. So, having said that…I think these poor little Christians can handle themselves.

  • Kieran

    “held a butcher knife under his genitals and threatened to cut them off.”

    No homo.

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