Man Who Has 100 Orgasms Per Day Is Now “Completely Disgusted” By Ejaculation

Screen Shot 2014-09-23 at 11.29.04 AMPersistent Genital Arousal Syndrome is apparently an actual medical condition, and even though it sounds like great fun for everyone involved, one 37-year-old man from Wisconsin says it’s ruining his life.

Dale Decker says he first realized he was suffering from PGAS in 2012 after he slipped a disk in his back and, as a result, had five orgasms in the car on the way to the hospital. Since then, Decker claims the condition has given him 100 orgasms per day, none of which are satisfying in the least.

Decker tells Barcroft TV that he’s “completely disgusted” by his abundance of orgasms, and that it makes him “never want to have another” as long as he lives. “There’s nothing pleasurable about it because even though it might feel physically good — you’re completely disgusted by what’s going on.”

Though he doesn’t appear to be suffering from suicidal tendencies, he adds that “suicide is always a concern when people suffer from this condition — they feel like there’s no other way to escape it.”

The condition is apparently also tricky to hide, which has left Decker unemployed as a result. “If you’re in public, if you’re in front of kids — it’s disgusting and it can break you real fast,” he said. “It happened to me at the grocery store and when it was over, there were around 150 people looking straight at me — why would I leave the house when something like this can happen?”

He describes another story, which may or may not have (?) happened to him:

“Imagine being on your knees at your father’s funeral beside his casket, saying goodbye to him — and then you have nine orgasms right there while your whole family is standing behind you.”

In the interview below, Decker and his wife explain how the condition has put a strain on their marriage. According to them, there doesn’t appear to be an available solution for PGAS yet.

Check it out below (and FYI, yes, Dale is having several orgasms in the clip):