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Man Whose Crotch Was Violated In Unofficial Doritos Commercial Is A Real Life Homosexual

In the user-generated Doritos ad that set the gay and advertising worlds on fire (no, not the pool boy one), personal trainer George King appears to be on the receiving end of a hand job from a sauna mate. But the guy just wanted what was between George’s legs: a bag of yum. Turns out George, whose body fits his job description, is a big gay — and has no problem with the spot’s homoerotic and overtones and donkey dong stereotype. Says George about the ad’s critics: “Lighten up.” AND EAT SOME CHIPS! Actually don’t. A personal trainer would never recommend that.

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  • Jackson

    I hoped and suspected. He was just too hot to be straight. Now, if only they’d air the commercial.

  • Jaroslaw

    Yah, Jackson, there are no super-hot, handsome muscular straight guys…..

  • Jack E. Jett

    Must ead Dornitos now!

  • Jeff K.

    He’d be a real hottie, but I prefer my men to have their hair on their scalp rather than their jaw.

  • Josh Kincade

    He is a HOT HOT gorgeous hunk of man

  • redball

    Oh this kinda just makes my day, actually! He is FOINE, Sweet Lordy Jesus.

  • alan brickman

    He will get a lot more dates…bring back morning goods!!

  • Jaroslaw

    How in the world is he single?

  • redball

    @Jaroslaw: Was thinking the same thing! I really have to guess that he just got out of a relationship…otherwise, my brain cannot compute. A sexy bitch like that don’t stay single for long (barring other perhaps less visible issues like severe untreated mental illness….)!

  • CeCe

    dang the hot guys usually want a boyfriend too whats a girl to do you guys are taking our men

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