Man With Amazing Ass In Yoga Pants Strikes Again!

Screen-Shot-2014-03-18-at-1.01You first met YouTube prankster Yousef Erakat last week while he was bent over the trunk of his car in a pair of leggings, calling out a number of male spotters who stopped to check out his “thick booty” while his head was buried deep in his car.

The men walked by, checked out Erakat’s undeniably fine ass, and were immediately surprised to learn that the ass belonged to a man.

This week, Erakat takes his hilarious prank a step further by employing the help of an actual woman, who intentionally lures men by asking “Whose ass is bigger?” The two ‘gals’ are out stretching in public, and even though the reactions here are more favorable than they were in the first video, Erakat’s laugh is still just as infectious.