Mandy Moore’s Mama A Homo!?

National Enquirer focused its gossipy lens on Mandy Moore’s mother this week.

The tab-rag reports that Moore’s mother, Stacy, left her husband for tennis pro Claudette Laliberte. Via QueerTwoCents:

According to the Enquirer, the two women have been secretly dating since 2006 and now live together. When confronted by the tabloid about her relationship with Laliberte, Stacy Moore told the Enquirer, “It’s nobody’s business why we’re together.” The affair apparently came to light after Laliberte’s lover discovered emails between the two women.

There’s no word from Mandy Moore’s camp on the matter, but we imagine she’d been cool with it. Why? Well, Moore’s got a good gay activist track record. Plus, we kind of have a straight crush on Moore and put her on a pedestal.