Man’s Breakfast Completely “Ruined” After Seeing Article Featuring Two Men Kissing


All Roy Gray of El Paso, TX wanted was to enjoy his breakfast in peace while reading the morning newspaper. But that was completely ruined by the front page article.

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“I opened my Sunday morning paper while having breakfast with numerous golf buddies,” Gray writes in a recent letter to the editor. “The article on the first and second page made me catch my breath.”

Gray and his buddies found themselves confronted with a story that was about, wait for it, gay marriage. But not just that, it featured an “inappropriate” image of two guys kissing.

“Turning to the second page and witnessing two burly guys kissing just ruined five breakfasts,” Gray writes.

He feels things have officially gone too far at his local newspaper.

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“It seems the El Paso Times seems to continually dedicate pages of pictures and stories about the LGBT community,” he rants. “But front page and another to include these guys locked up in a sensual kiss is over the edge.”

He admits that “America is changing” and has been “for about four years now,” and it’s all Obama’s fault since his administration insists on “testing the waters with liberalism far more than some are willing to accept.”

But he and his friends refuse to acquiesce.

“Most folks I know just cringed when they saw this article,” he concludes.

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