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Man’s Genitals Nearly Bitten Off In Bizarre Flesh-Eating Antigay Attack


A 29-year-old British man says he feels like the “victim of genital mutilation” after his having his penis nearly bitten off by a pair of homophobic drug addicts.

The man was coming out of a convenient store when he says he was approached by 28-year-old Damian Badger and 20-year-old Kurt Broadbent. They asked him for a cigarette. And that’s when things turned ugly.

“You’d better run,” one of them threatened. “We’re going to end you!”

But before the victim had a chance to flee, Badger and Broadbent proceeded to pummel him until he fell to the ground, where they starting kicking him in the head. Then Badger held the victim down while Broadbent started biting him in the crotch. He also bit the victim on the thigh and head before both attackers ran away.

“I am now scared of loud noises and I have trouble socializing,” the victim said. “I can’t let my partner touch me because I now feel unclean.”

Lawyers for Badger and Broadbent say the attackers feel “shame” for what they did, but rejected accusations of homophobia because “they have gay friends.”

Judge Robert Jukes wasn’t buying it, however.

“It was violence deliberately inflicted to cause him pain and to humiliate him,” Jukes said, before sentencing them each to five and a half years in the slammer.

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