Manuel’s Hair Mystery Deepens

We may finally have the explanation behind Jay Manuel’s reality defying hair do. While the America’s Next Top Model co-host may have once chosen to turn himself into a walking cartoon, the homo’s hair appears to out of his hands.

Manuel tells Canada’s National Post: “It’s part of the brand of that person. It’s written into my contracts that I can’t change that.” Now that we know Manuel’s forced to keep his fluorescentfollicles, the question remains: which of Manuel’s many bosses hold the key to his queer coif.

In addition to his ANTM gig, Manuel also works for E! Network and host’s Canada’s Next Top Model. The canucks, however, claim they’re not behind Manuel’s retina burning style: “There’s no stipulation like that in his CNTM contract, but I can’t tell you for sure about his other projects.” The mystery remains unsolved, but Manuel laments his lamentable look: “Right now, it kills me.” Don’t worry, Manuel, you are not alone…