Marc and Jason Back To Old Tricks

There’s no keeping this couple down! Yes, it’s “true” – Marc Jacobs and former rent boy boyfriend Jason Preston are back together.

And, from what the gossip-mongers are saying, the men are just as catty as ever:

Jacobs is back in the arms of his ex, Jason Preston. They were at Pastis Saturday, looking “very much together, laughing and kissing,” said our spy. They were overheard saying they’d missed one another during their separation and dissed Marc’s ex, Austin A., saying he “is a drunk loser with a hideous body.”

Jacobs, of course, takes pride in his reformed looks. The designer’s currently channeling Andy Warhol in the latest edition of Interview, which will now focus less on movie stars and more on fashion. Just what the world needs…

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  • Olive Yurdich

    “is a drunk loser with a hideous body.”

    Because we all know a booze, cocaine and heroin “rehabbed” body is so much more desireable.

  • foofyjim

    Why should I care about this?

  • hell's kitchen guy

    Kill me please.

  • Alan down in Florida

    Kill them please (LOL)

  • Andy Peters

    Am I the only one who has absolutely no idea who either of these two are? And, as Foofyjim says, why should I care?

  • Butterpantz

    I really hope a ‘Sid and Nancy-style’ flameout happens soon, I’m so sick of this scene. He’s like a gay version of Britney.

  • foofyjim

    I’m with you Andy. I have no idea who either of them are, who Austin A. is, when they broke up or why, and still fail to figure out why I should care.

  • Casper Odschild

    well… as long as Marc’s creations doesn’t suffer, but I guess his design team will take care of that since he barely designs himself anymore anyways.

    But I do like them as a couple and it would truly suck for Jason Preston to have to laser that tattoo of his away.

    I love how Marc goes more grunge with jason!

  • Martin

    a piano needs to fall from the sky and land on both of them.

  • coromandel

    Though this story holds little interest for me, why must Preston always, always, always be referred to as a former rent boy? How long before his identity has moved beyond that?

  • tofer david

    i love these two boys. bravo kids.

  • steven webber

    who gives a rat’s ass about queen jacobs, the wanna be “love me” homo that every one who he has approached turned down. the bottom loser is just that….loser.

  • heathen

    To Coromandel: I think that “former-rentboy” is a much nicer way of saying used and gross. Be thankful.

    And this is the pic that had me worried about Marc’s ability to continue designing clothes. This was last year and yet both of them look like they just walked out of a panic room that locked it’s doors in 1996. I remember seeing 12 of these clones standing in line @ Pyramid on Friday nights back then.

  • Dia West

    In my opinon, not rentboy Jason is the bastard but MJ himself. He seems still to be on drugs and f*cks around like a mad cow, maybe for business reasons to be in the tabloids continously.

    Jason seems to be more sincere about his relationship with Marc Jacobs….

    What do you think about it?

  • Alfie

    Jason seems to be more sincere about his relationship with Marc Jacobs….

    ^ Agreed.
    I really like them as a couple.

  • jimmy

    Jason Preston single? Check out his new Manhunt profile — profile name is hotandhungjock. Fake pictures of course, but you know….cuz he’s so famous (in his own head).

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