Marc Back To Old Tricks?

Oh no! Could Marc Jacobs be back to his drug-addled ways? That’s what gossip-mongers are saying about the designer, who had quite a heroin habit back in the day:

“He spends most of his time partying until morning in Paris,” a friend said. “It’s out of control. There’s always a different boy and everyone is worried he’s going to pull a Halston” – referring to the legendary designer whose work suffered due to drinking and drugs. Halston died of AIDS in 1990… But his personal troubles don’t seem to be affecting him professionally. Word is his champion, Anna Wintour, will honor him at next year’s Costume Institute Gala (this year’s honoree was Giorgio Armani).

Well, if Wintour’s not worried, we won’t be, either. And, besides, there are always rumors floating around – and Jacobs doesn’t like them.