Needed Shower, Shave Before Big Show

Marc Fumes At Rumors

Marc Jacobs ain’t having rumors he had drinks before his show this week.

The famously sober designer’s show started two-hours late, leading some to wonder if he’s fallen off the wagon. Gossip mongers placed him at New York’s tony Mercer Hotel, where they say he hit it hard. Jacobs, however, insists he’s as clean as a whistle and gives a big ‘fuck you’ to anyone who says otherwise:

That is bullshit! That is bullshit! was at the fucking office until the last fitting was over. I came back to the hotel – I hadn’t been here in three days! I hadn’t showered in three days! I slept on the couch in my office for 20 minutes three nights in a row – anyone at my office will tell you that. I got 20 minutes sleep Friday night, Saturday night, Sunday night. The first shower I had was Monday at 8 before the rehearsal of our show. I did not have lunch, I did not have drinks, I did not have tea at the Mercer, I walked through the lobby; I live in this hotel… I took 20 minutes to shower and shave – I stank like a raccoon! I could not go to the show like that.

44-year old Jacobs is reportedly so incensed he’s threatening to move his show to Paris. No, Marc, don’t go!