Marc Jacobs and JP Engaged??

Jason Preston may need to send Gawker another self-publicizing email.

NYDN gossip queen Ben Widdicombe passes on some disturbing gossip concerning the former rent boy and famed fashion designer Marc Jacobs

Widdi writes:

A tipster who was at the Chelsea gentlemen’s bar Barracuda* on Saturday night ran into the designer’s on-again boyfriend, former hustler Jason Preston.

He was “flashing a Cartier ring to his friends, telling everyone he was engaged,” says the snitch.

“Then out of nowhere Marc popped up, and they were all over each other, kissing and saying ‘I love you.'” Neither Preston nor Jacobs responded to inquiries yesterday about the Cartier band.

Oh, Marc, must we remind you of your Out-published words on Preston:

I had a relationship with him, and it was crazy, and sometimes it was a lot of fun, and sometimes it was not a lot of fun, and the biggest frustration was that I wanted him to be something he wasn’t.

Right now I can’t even imagine being attracted to someone who isn’t in a healthy place on all levels.

Perhaps, Mr. Jacobs, you’re the one who needs to find a healthier place. Come ’round our way. We’ll make you tea and play dress up – you bring the clothes, of course…

*We’ve never seen a “gentleman” inside Barracuda. Just skanks and slags, just how we like it.