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Why is Marc Jacobs‘ boyfriend on the cover of HX? The hookers of the world are a fun bunch, don’t get us wrong–and there are plenty of hookers advertised in the magazine, so they obviously know their market. But still, really?…

Jason Preston has long been the target of the gossip world: a modern-day Pretty Woman come true, he’s a well-known rent boy plucked from the masses to be adored by Mr. Couture Of The Moment. Although he has quite the knack for planting himself on the dinner plates of reporters, and then feigning exhaustion by all the publicity. Then there’s that tattoo on his arm, perhaps meant to be artsy and cool, but really it’s just spooky.

Obviously he’s taking a page from the Paris Hilton “How To Be Famous” instruction manual: note the requisite Chihuahua (plus the conveniently-displayed Rolex). Paris bought her own fame with the help of some well-connected P.R. agents, but at least she is a part of the Hilton family. Jason is…what? Really good at giving head? Perhaps that’s why he’s on the cover: we imagine there are some very satisfied HX editors right now.

Jason Preston: Cover Model [HX; register to read the magazine. Interview published below]

Inciting a “Page Six” scandal usually requires a high-profile career, a stint on reality TV or a famous last name. But former rentboy Jason Preston, 25, a longtime Hell’s Kitchen denizen who grew up in South Carolina, has kept bitchy bloggers busy just by dating celebrity fave fashion designer Marc Jacobs, 43. Arriving at Vlada Lounge on his way to meet Marc at the Mercer Hotel with a fleet of Louis Vuitton luggage (a gift from Jacobs) and doggie Gia in tow, Jason sat down with us to defend his relationship and set all the haters straight.

HX: What about Hell’s Kitchen appeals to you?
Jason Preston: I decided to live there because I love the high rises and all the cute little restaurants. And the bars in Hell’s Kitchen aren’t “stand and model” bars like they are in Chelsea. I love therapy and Posh – I like the music they both play. And one of my favorite restaurants in the neighborhood is Jezebel. It’s really good Southern food.

How long were you a rentboy?
I did it for a year and a half. It was just a thing I had to do – I didn’t have a job, and I had a friend who made it look so glamorous, and so I did it. I don’t regret it. I don’t regret anything. The money was glamorous, but everything else wasn’t. It just wasn’t me. I met some interesting people, but that’s about it.

How did you first meet Marc?
We met at one of his fashion shows. I know it sounds crazy, but I actually didn’t know who he was. I got invited to the show by a friend, and I really didn’t care. But I thought Marc was hot, he obviously thought I was hot, so that’s how it all started. It was an instant connection – kind of intense. We’ve been together almost a year now.

So Marc has never paid you to be his companion?
Of course not! But that’s not the only rumor. I also hear that we’re both drug addicts, that I do heroin – I’ve never even seen heroin, let alone done it. I experimented with meth and it was fun, but then I saw what it did to people around me – like my best friend – and it was enough to make me say no. I just don’t want shit going around about me, but especially about Marc, because Marc doesn’t even drink. He doesn’t do anything except make amazing clothes.

Does he buy you pretty things?
He bought me a Rolex for Valentine’s Day. He’s very good to me.

Are you in love?
Of course. He’s the first person to make me feel beautiful every single day, and feel that I actually have a reason for living. He’s my heart.

Rumor also has it that that during Sandra Bernhard’s recent party at Splash, you were seen screaming, “Fuck you! I’m not your slave!” at Marc outside the bar.
Oh my God, that’s the fucking biggest lie I’ve ever heard! We’re always loud because we’re really obnoxious together, but I don’t know how anyone would confuse that with yelling at each other.

What were you thinking getting the tattoo of his name on your forearm?
He came in town to see me and said, “I’m getting my dogs tattooed on my arm. Do you want one?” And I was like, “No, I think they’re trashy.” Then when we were there, I was like, “You know what? I’m going to get your name tattooed on my arm.” When it was my turn I chickened out, and he was like, “I knew you’d be a pussy.” So I just did it. It was just this spur-of-the- moment, intense thing. And it got so much press. It was kind of great and strange at the same time. That’s when all the rumors started.

How do you feel about the exposure?
It’s just weird. I don’t know why people would write blogs about me. It’s not that the rumors bother me, but…I don’t know, they do and they don’t. But when I’m on “Page Six,” it’s like, Come on, don’t you have anything better to write about?

Planning on doing anything positive with your newfound notoriety?
No. All my friends think I should get into acting, but I’m just not sure that’s me. I may take classes.

What’s it like to roll with Marc?
It’s fucking insane! He doesn’t even like to go out, but I drag him. Because of him, I hang out with the most amazing people – Lindsay, Kate Moss, we had a party at fuckin’ Mariah’s house. Whenever we go out, it’s intense. To everybody else, he’s Marc Jacobs. But to me, he’s just Marc.

Do people throw shade your way?
We prefer to hang out with straight people and people in the entertainment industry because they don’t throw shade like gay people. We like Duvet, but we usually go to Marquee, Bungalow 8 and Double 7s.

Do you and Marc live together?
He lives in Paris. Sometimes he’s here for a week, two weeks out of the month – it depends.

Does that mean you have an open relationship?
Hmm. If he hooked up with somebody, I’d be upset – and vice versa. So I guess not. But we don’t talk about it.

How’s the sex?
Oh my God, I cannot believe you’re asking me that! [Laughs] It’s hot – that’s all you get.

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