Triple Threat

Marc Jacobs Discusses His Acting Debut

DISCONNECT BRAY_20111105_DIS_08625.CR2(Image: Phil Bray/EW)

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, the fashion designer and spokesman for Diet Coke talked about his role in the upcoming film, Disconnect, a Crash-like film drama about a group of people searching for human connections in today’s virtual world.

“My character is Harvey and I run a house for minor [in age] Internet porn. It’s all virtual. People go online and they talk to these kids about their fantasies or whatever,” he told the magazine. “I’m the sort of father of them in the house — the Fagan of all these wayward kids who come stay in this house.”

While for most it would be exciting to act in their first film, Jacobs had a difficult experience.

“I didn’t enjoy the actual tedious acting experience. There were long nights and long days, and it was freezing cold outside. And you know you stand around and wait and you eat a lot of junk food because that’s what there is around — coffee and donuts. So those are not things that are good for me.”

So does that mean his acting career is already over before it got started? Not likely, he expressed the same sentiment about working in fashion. “It’s the same as any creative process,” Jacobs said. “The result is what we see, but the process is really labor intensive and work.”

The film comes out April 10. For more info, visit EW.