Marc Jacobs’ Ex Harry Louis To Sue Starbucks For Telling Him To “Become A Man”

Screen Shot 2014-12-12 at 10.48.55 AMIt’s one thing to document discrimination, publicly shame a bigot or even go as far as get someone fired if they behave inappropriately on the job. It’s another thing entirely to go after a massive global corporation based on the actions of one experience with one employee.

But that’s what former Marc Jacobs boyfriend/Brazilian porn star Harry Louis is doing after a nasty spat with an airport Starbucks employee.

Louis claims he was just trying to get a cup of coffee at São Paulo–Guarulhos International Airport on Wednesday morning when he approached a closed Starbucks where a female barista was setting up tables.

He asked her where he could get a cup of coffee at that hour, and she told him if he wanted one, he should go “put on an apron.”

Louis joked that no, it wouldn’t be a good look on him, and she snapped back, “Become a man and then I won’t offer you my apron!”

He later said, “I felt humiliated, because there was a line of people watching the scene.”

Starbucks has responded, putting out a statement saying:

“We are actively investigating the incident. We do not tolerate any discrimination against customers, so we are taking the necessary steps to investigate the case and make this right effective. Such behavior does not reflect our values that value by treating everyone with dignity and respect.”

Which, given Starbuck’s track record of celebrating diversity, is the exact right thing to do.

But GayStarNews reports that Louis is set to take Starbucks to court with a lawsuit.

Good luck with that one.