Marc Jacobs Loves Lil’ Kim

MJ Loves LK

Marc Jacobs and Lil’ Kim have always seemed to be unlikely best girlfriends to us. The queen makes girly frocks while listening to her gangsta rap. The Queen B talks about getting her pussy licked while wearing his buttoned-up, feminine designs. It just does not make sense to us. But we know fag hags come in all shapes and sizes.

Everyone knows that Kim is now in jail. And Marc is feeling her pain. That is why he is sending her big love: his “Marc Jacobs Hearts Lil’ Kim” shirts are flying off the racks. Here is your chance to own a Marc Jacobs shirt for $20 and all profits benefit The Door, New York City’s premier youth development agency.

These shirts are enough to make ever the sissiest homo feel all hardcore and shit.