Marcal Camero Tye May Have Been Dragged 300ft After Being Shot, But Her Murder Wasn’t A Hate Crime?

Marcal Camero Tye, the 25-year-old trans woman whose body was found on an Arkansas highway after being dragged behind a car some 300 feet after being shot in the head, did not die as the result of a hate crime, St. Francis County Sheriff Bobby May insists. That Tye’s body was dragged was just an accident; she was caught underneath the suspect’s car, and the suspect stopped and tried to dislodge her body, but didn’t try dragging her with a rope. In the end, this is just a sexual act gone wrong, apparently.

Though the sheriff says he hasn’t ruled out anything, he believes this is a routine murder case and not a hate crime. In an interview with FM 89 News, he conjectured that Tye might have been out looking for sexual encounters at 2:00 a.m., then gotten involved in a liaison that somehow went bad.

Must every murder involving a trans person and a sexual encounter be immediately dubbed a hate crime? Of course not. But the red flag should be immediately raised — as it was by Tye’s friend Jennifer Bohannon, who guessed Tye was killed by a man who found out she was born a man — and not so easily ignored because it makes for more paperwork.