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Marco Rubio Relies on Rachel Maddow’s Attacks To Fan Flames of Support

Marco Rubio, who wants to be Florida’s next Republican governor, is taking on not his Democratic (or Independent) opponents, but Rachel Maddow.

How to motivate conservative voters to the polls? By attacking that liberal beacon of lesbianism on MSNBC! Which is why Rubio is running ads going after the cable news anchor, for she criticizes him for not being honest about his position on increasing the deficit. Something about $3.5 trillion?

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  • thedarkchariot

    Rachel Maddow is the sexiest woman on television.

  • CHIP1218

    Queerty, Rubio is running for Senator of Florida on the Republican line, Crist (the Current Republican Governor) is running as an Independent because he wasn’t Conservative enough to get a chance to win in a Republican Primary.

  • mk

    Rubio isn’t “going after her”. He’s trying to bolster himself and his plan by saying she opposes it. He’s trying to persuade voters with “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” line of argument.

    Maddow is right that Rubio and other republicans proposing further tax cuts in a recession while crying about national debt are hucksters and idiots.

  • Baxter

    @mk: Because clearly raising taxes in a recession is the smart thing to do.

  • ph


    Baxter, did you watch the clip ? Tax cuts will add to the deficit. How clearly do we need to spell this out to you. Watch the clip again.

  • Baxter

    @ph: I didn’t say they wouldn’t add to the deficit, although it’s just a drop in the bucket compared to what entitlements like social security will add. I’m saying that taking money away from the people that are most likely to invest it in the middle of a recession is a really stupid idea if you’d like businesses to be able to expand and create new jobs.

  • Clint

    i fucking love you rachel.

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