Marcus Bachmann Stops Harassing Young Gay Man For Money

Remember when John Becker of the LGBT rights organization Truth Wins Out exposed the ex-gay therapy practices of Michele Bachmann’s husband Marcus? That was awesome.

Then remember how Marcus retaliated by threatening to sic a collection agency on Becker if he didn’t pay $150 in allegedly owed missed sessions fees? That was pretty bitch-tastic too.

And then remember how Truth Wins Out threatened to sue Marcus in court and expose his quackery if he tried to collect money for his widely discredited ex-gay practices? Awesome sauce.

Well, Marcus has apparently caved in and decided to stop harassing Becker for the money.

Awww! Why?

Chances are that he and his beard wife probably didn’t want the attention. But you can hear the recording of the Bachmann clinic dropping the debt below, for yourself.

Bachmann Backs Down on Bogus Bill by johnmbecker

TWO executive director Wayne Besen is disappointed (as are we). He said, “It is a shame that he wasn’t foolish enough to allow a $150 billing dispute to turn into free publicity that highlighted the harm caused by ‘ex-gay’ programs.”

Yeah. And just when we thought we were gonna get to see Bachmann and gays slug it out in court. Luckily, we still have TWO’s impending defamation lawsuit against Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays to look forward to.

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  • Gigi

    This was a great story…more than a week ago when it was reported by everyone else.

  • Cam

    Bachman was used to bullying young closet cases who are terrified of being exposed. He panicked when he tried his tactics on an out gay man who had no fear of anybody knowing they were gay.

    Exposure is the one thing that terrifies closet cases like Bachman.

  • B

    Non news. Becker decided to cancel his appointments and gave a reason (in case he needed to go back for more material). The receptionist, possibly influenced by that reason, thought he was canceling only one appointment, so when Becker didn’t show, they sent him a bill. One of them called the other and someone in the clinic thought better of writing it off (Marcus probably doesn’t like to lose income), so the matter got bumped up to Marcus himself. Marcus then thought it was a simple case of someone not wanting to pay when he should, so Marcus phoned and told Becker to pay or they’d hand it over to a collection agency. Then, after an exchange of letters, Marcus realized that it was really a misunderstanding, and that someone at his end probably screwed up, and had the extra bill dropped.

    Hey, I don’t like Michelle Bachmann either, but with regard to Marcus, some dialog from an old film, “My Man Godfrey” comes to mind:
    “Whose that dizzy dame over there? [1930s slang]” “That’s my wife.” “My apologies.” “What do you have to be sorry for? You didn’t marry her!”


    I’m surprised that Marcus Bachmann has not tried 2 have sex w/ his ex-gay clients. After all, I am pretty certain that having sex w/ that closet case would probably turn a gay dude str8t.

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